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January 23, 2022 Grace Community Church Morning Message

“The Importance of Life”

Selected Scriptures

Human life is sacred and is rooted in the Judeo-Christian teachings. Our Western culture continues to be engaged in a war of values concerning life.  As Christians, how do we join the battle concerning the sanctity of human life?

Why Should We Value Life?


How and Why has the Importance of Life Eroded in our Culture?


How to Stop the Erosion



January 16, 2022 Grace Community Church Morning Message

“Mary’s Act of Love”

John 12: 1-8, Mark 14: 1-9

How do we express love to God?  Our Scripture text reveals what Mary did to express her love to Jesus and the outcomes from that act of love. She provides a good model for us for loving Jesus.


  • The Fragrance Filled the House


  • Loving Jesus Brings Criticism


  • Jesus Defends and Commends


  • Leave a Memory of Loving Jesus
January 9, 2022 Grace Community Church Morning Message

“Will You Follow Jesus?”

Joshua 1: 1-18

A new year always offers an opportunity to change and seek a different direction in one’s life.  It provides a break from the past and its influences with a hope of better days ahead.  We look at the life of Joshua as God counsels us about who or what we are following.

  • The Past is Over


  • By Faith Move Forward


  • Obey God’s Word


  • Be Prepared when God Calls


January 2, 2022 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

“Our Objectives in Ministry”

Acts 2: 41-47

It’s been said, “Ministry is like mercury…it’s hard to get a grip on it, and if you grasp it too tightly, it can slip away.”  Hopefully, today’s message will increase our awareness of how God has planned His body to function and to stay on course. Four major objectives…

  • Worship


  • Instruction


  • Fellowship


  • Witness



December 26, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Message

“Has Christmas Made a Difference?”

Selected Scriptures

When you think of Christmas and what took place with the coming of Jesus to earth, everything changed. Everything took on a different meaning.  Life as they knew it and life from that point on, would never be the same.  Has Christmas made a difference in you?  In your life? In your future?


  • The Difference Jesus Makes


  • The Difference You Can Make


December 19, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

“Anticipating the Birth of Christ”

Luke 2: 36-38

The woman called Anna provides us with the testimony of spiritual commitment and passionate witness. Her life was difficult and filled with sorrow and loss, but the priority of her life was to be pleasing to her God.


  • The Woman of Witness


  • The Message of Her Witness
December 12, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Message

Please view this video from the live stream on our Grace Community Church FaceBook page.


“Anticipating the Birth of Christ”

Luke 2: 25-35

Anticipation is a powerful force in our lives.  It can bring a range of emotion and activity. It can intensify our feelings about events and situations.  A man called Simeon was anticipating the coming of the Messiah and it impacted every facet of his life.  How does the birth of Christ impact you?


  • The Life of Devotion



  • The Life of Hope





"A Living Nativity" December 11, 12, 2021


                                                                                      "A Living Nativity"


Click on the link above, or copy and paste it into your browser,  to view  the filming of the "Living Nativity" that Grace Community Church presented on December 11 and 12, 2021.  Please note that the video is dark to begin with, but as the story unfolds, you will be able to see the set. Thank you for watching our presentation of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

December 5, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Message

Please view this video from the live stream on our Grace Community Church FaceBook page.


What are You Presenting to the Lord?

Psalms 90:12

When it’s all said and done, life is between God and you!  The days we have are numbered, but how are we using them?  How are we investing these days?  May God give us the wisdom necessary to live out our days with eternal value.


  • Why Number Our Days?


  • Presenting a Heart of Wisdom
November 28, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

Why Grow in Christ?

Selected Scriptures

Being a child of God is the greatest privilege in life and becoming more like Jesus is the greatest challenge for any believer.  The new birth in Christ is not the end of the Christian experience; it’s the beginning.  It’s God’s invitation to grow. Why grow?


  • Growth is the normal expression life


  • To bring joy to our Father


  • We can fulfill the purposes of God in our lives


  • We don’t want to waste the grace of God


  • We desire to be obedient to the commands of God
November 21, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

A Prayer of Thanks

Selected Scriptures

“Thanks!” A simple word but a far reaching impact. It says so much about the one saying it and mean so much to the one receiving it. Thanks is a word we are taught at an early age. It’s a virtue that expresses gratitude and appreciation for people, things and opportunity. Thankfulness is a quality that God desired in all of us.


  • God is Good


  • God is Great


  • God Deserves Thanks
November 7, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

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“Darkness and Light”

Selected Scriptures

We are living in a world that pushes and pulls us between light and darkness; between goodness and evil; between love and hate, and between creation and destruction.  Our problem isn’t just that we live in a sinful world, but that we live in a world of sinful people.  Our sin affects everything.  But Light, in the person of Jesus Christ, has come to overtake the darkness.


  • Darkness


  • Light


  • What are we to do?


"A Famine of Truth"

A Famine of Truth

Amos  8:11, 12

The Bible teaches that there will be a famine of truth in the last days.  This Biblical prediction was proclaimed by the prophet Amos, who said, “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel!” Even though there is an explosion of knowledge today, there seems to be no appetite for truth, especially the infallible truth of God’s Word.


  1. Spiritual Hunger


  1. Spiritual Malnourishment


  1. What are we to do?
October 24, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Message

“The Coming One-World Government”

Selected Scriptures

The Bible tells of a one-world government coming in the future.  However, the Bible records that there have been attempts to globalize the world into a single ruled world.  Knowing of this globalization in the future, how should we be living in the present?

  • Past One-World Rulers


  • Future One-World Ruler and Government


  • What are We to Do?
October 10, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

Message title:  Seeking Godly Wisdom    1 Kings 3     Pastor Nathan Davis

October 3, 2021, Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

Message Title, "The Essentials for Life"   Jude 20-21  Pastor Kirk Larson


“The Essentials for Life”

Jude 20-21

What is needed for life today?  What things are essential for living in today’s world?  What could you not live without?  Tucked away in the book of Jude, we find God’s instructions to believers of the essentials for living then, and now.

  • Building a Holy Faith


  • Praying in the Holy Spirit


  • Keeping in the Love of God


  • Living with Expectant Hope
September 26, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

“The Placement of Your Life”

Luke 14: 25-35


 Our society generally does not breed strong commitment. The level of commitment seems to be governed by the thought, “What’s in it for me?” The self-fulfillment ethic seduces us to believe that we have no higher loyalty than one to ourselves.  In our scripture text, Jesus provides us with a different placement of our lives.

  • The Conditions of Discipleship






  • The Cost of Discipleship


September 19, 2021 Grace Community Church Morning Worship Service

Today’s Message

“Building Christ-Like Relationships”

Selected Scriptures


Jesus came to earth to connect with people and provide them a way to God.  We are most like Jesus when we are involved with people and touching their lives with the message of God’s love for them.   There were three main connections that Jesus had with people.


  • Redeeming Relationships


  • Restoring Relationships


  • Reviving Relationships