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Dear Church Family,


The month of June turns our hearts towards our dads as we celebrate Father’s Day. A Father’s presence is priceless and his influence can change a child’s world. Some years ago I read a story of a little boy who was given a world globe for his birthday. boy liked it so much that he kept it beside his bed. One night his father wanted to study the globe. Thinking his son was asleep, the father tiptoed into his son’s room, picked up the globe, and started for the door. His son then sat up in bed and called out, “Hey Dad, what are you doing with my world?”


Most of us are not in positions to influence world affairs or are we? Every father can make a tremendous difference in his own home, his own world and his children’s world. It is a father’s privilege and responsibility to make his children’s world the best place possible for their development. Dads are leaders who make things happen; they have a vital role in our lives. Dads are to make God known to their families; modeling integrity and godliness. Dads are teachers who impart wisdom and build character; who use teachable moments to instill Biblical values, principles and convictions. Dads are lovers who give their kids what they need most – themselves! Dads invest in their children knowing that their children’s world is held in their hands.


WOW! What if your child asked, “Hey Dad, what are you doing with my world?” What a tremendous presence and influence a father can have on a little boy or girl who could change the world. Dads matter now more than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity! Our kids grow and are gone quickly. Thanks Dad for being there for me! 


A grateful son,

Pastor Kirk

   June 2019   
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