August 6, 2023 Grace Community Church Morning Message
Delivered By
Pastor Kirk Larson
Delivered On
August 6, 2023 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
John 3: 16
"The Truth of God's Love"

“The Truth of God’s Love”

~John 3:16

The topic of God’s love is truly an overwhelming subject.  There is so much the Bible has to say about the love of God that one message cannot completely tackle it.  But there is one verse that provides seven truths about the love of God.

  1. God’s Love is Unconditional


  1. God’s Love is Sacrificial


  1. God’s Love is Valuable


  1.  God’s Love is Personable


  1. God’s Love is Accessible


  1. God’s Love is Non-Judgmental


  1. God’s Love is Beneficial