April 3, 2022 Grace Community Church Morning Message
Delivered By
Pastor Kirk Larson
Delivered On
April 3, 2022 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Selected Scriptures
"The Mission of Edification"

The Mission of Edification

Selected Scriptures

We live in the midst of a culture that is tearing down the fabric of our society, our value system and even the mission of the church.  This “dog-eat-dog” mentality is tearing down others in an effort to somehow elevate self. As God’s people in this world, we have the opportunity to build up and edify one another both inside church and in society.


  • Edification- It’s Building up Others


  • Edification- It’s What We Pursue


  • Edification- It’s How We Care


  • Edification- It’s About God’s Word