April 30, 2023 Grace Community Church Morning Message
Delivered By
Pastor Kirk Larson
Delivered On
April 30, 2023 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Selected Scriptures
"What Matters Most"

“What Matters Most?”

~Selected Scriptures


Our world is constantly telling us what matters most… from the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the places we live, and the people we should follow.  But there’s just one question, “Are these really the things that matter most?  Should the world be our source of value?

  1. Service~ Self or Others?


  1. Treasures~ Earthly or Heavenly?


  1. Kingdom~ Yours or His?


  1.  Time~ Foolish or Wise?


  1. Name~ Who’s Who or Book of Life?