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Dear Church Family,

The month of June provides us with the opportunity to honor and reflect on Dads. I know that not everyone’s memories of Dad are good and honorable. But for me, my memories of my Dad are filled with only wonderful thoughts and memories of a Dad who loved his wife and children and walked humbly before the Lord.

As I realize all the things to thank Dad for, an overwhelming feeling fills my heart. When I learned to ride a bike, he was there. When I needed a helping hand, he was there. When I needed encouragement, he was there. I was continually amazed at his ability to do things and his instruction along the way. There are certain smells and sounds that give instant reminders to me of Dad; a polished car, a freshly mowed lawn and the smell of Old Spice aftershave.

A dad instills many thoughts and attitudes into his children. Thanks, Dad for some of the habits I picked up and try to carry out; like approaching people with a positive spirit rather than a negative one, staying with a task until it is finished, taking good care of personal belongings, keeping my shoes shined, speaking up rather than mumbling, respecting authority, and standing alone (if necessary) in support of personal convictions rather than giving in to more popular opinions. For these things I am deeply indebted to the man who helped raise me.

Because a father impacts his family so permanently, I think I understand better than ever what the scripture means when Paul wrote I Thessalonians 2:8, 11, 12 - “Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us. Just as you know how we were exhorting and encouraging and imploring each one of you as a father would his own children, so that you would walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory.”

Admittedly, much of my Dad’s instruction was indirect – by model rather than by explicit statement. Dad gave us a legacy of a well-marked Bible and a challenge to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. Thanks, Dad for being a “Faithful Father.”

Whether your thoughts and memories of your Dad are like mine, you do have a Heavenly Father, who loves & cares for you, and desires to walk with you through life. He can guide and instruct you in all situations and decisions. He will never leave you and He will always be an ever-present help. And through His Son, Jesus Christ, you can be with Him for all eternity (John 14:1-6).

Dads, your presence and influence is priceless in the lives of your children and family.

Happy Father’s Day!

Pastor Kirk

  June 2018  
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